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Walsall Gallery

Our Walsall Location

Unique stamps for traceable leather
Tools of the trade
Hand Trimming the leather ensuring only the best is used
Team work throughout
Checking the thickness of the leather
Leather shavings - fresh off the machine
60inch blades are used in these fans to keep a constant natural flow of air for drying
Hanging up to dry
Drying leather
Slicking tools ready to reduce natural growth within the hides
Close up of our leather before its sorting stage
Sorting of leather into it's various colour selections
Our leather drying after it's been through the curriers
Awaiting packing and assigned shipment

  • A Royal Visit to Walsall

    11th July 2018

    A Royal Visit to Walsall

    Representatives of the leather trade in Walsall were able to have a few moments with HRH Princess Anne earlier this week.

    The Perpetual Master of The Saddlers’ Company made the trip to Walsall to congratulate successful apprentices this year and to visit some local saddle makers.

    The students had carried out their Worshipful Company of Saddlers apprenticeships through local saddle makers and their achievements were recognised by the audience as they received their certificates.

    Group Chairman Ian T. Walker and Director of J&E Sedgwick’s Philip Bevington were able to have a few moments with the Princess to mention our rich heritage and explain how we have been contributing to the equestrian industry since the 1900’s.


  • Clayton’s Technical Director appointed President of SLTC for terms 2018/19 and 2019/20

    24th April 2018

    Clayton’s Technical Director appointed President of SLTC for terms 2018/19 and 2019/20


    The Technical Director of Clayton & Sons, Matthew Abbott, accepted Presidency of the Society of Leather Technologists and Chemists. After spending the last year as the Society’s Vice President, Matthew was asked to take the role of President for the term 2018/19 and 2019/20. Alongside the council, he will be involved in shaping the future for the association as well as maintaining the activities that are already taking shape including the continued digitisation of past journals and the modernisation of the Leather Technologists Pocket Book.

    The Society is the originator of the “Official Methods of Analysis”.  These methods were the reason for the first meeting in 1897. The international society is represented in Australia, South Africa, East Africa, England, and Bangladesh.

  • Award winning Singaporean designer wants to promote British leather

    5th April 2018

    Award-winning Singaporean designer wants to promote British leather.

    This year the ‘Design a Bag Online’ competition run by APLF and Fashion Access gave the prospective winner the opportunity to spend a month in Milan with top designers and leathercraft workers. This opportunity doesn’t come around often and the winner would have come up against some very tough competition indeed.


    Throughout 2017, leather designers around the world worked on their projects allowing their imagination to run wild as they longed to catch the eyes of the judges. APLF states on their website that the panel of judges would assess certain criteria, looking out for unique designs, innovative yet trendy methods of application, creative use of materials and product functionality that can be marketable.

    During the second day of APLF a young and enthusiastic designer from Singapore, founder of Myura Leather, Ho Kuan Teck visited the Clayton Leather Group’s stand. Ho is a familiar face to the Clayton sales team and explained that he had made it to the finals of the Design a Bag Online competition. That very same evening he was to present his ‘Lemniscate’ bag design to the judges. Feeling very inspired by the idea that he was merely hours away from potentially winning, the Clayton team wished him luck and asked for him to return with some good news the next day.



    On the final day of the show Ho returned with an infectious beaming smile and the winner’s certificate in hand. Proudly talking of his designs, The design of this handbag is an amalgamation of a triangle and an infinity symbol, taking into consideration the compatibility between people and shapes, as well as the compatibility between shapes and environments. More importantly, the design seeks to reflect someone’s modern and luxurious lifestyle in a simple and direct manner of “Balance”. When there is harmony, eternity ensues. And this “eternity” is represented by the handle which is a core part of any handbag. The shape of the handle also epitomizes the modern era of a minimalist.

    There are no fanciful accessories to a handbag. The main material is leather which is an indicator of elegance and harmony.”

    Ho has expressed his desire to promote hand finished British leathers and would use Clayton’s leather in his future projects.



  • Donated to the National Leather Collection for everyone to enjoy.

    22nd February 2018

    Donated to the National Leather Collection for everyone to enjoy.


    Thanks to Iain Mcfadyen from Scottish Leather Group the Crockett & Jones leather shoes are placed proudly in the National Leather Collection representing true Britishness.

    After Iain won the shoes from our randomly selected winner at the annual Leather Sellers Industry dinner, he decided to donate them to the Northampton based visitor attraction set up for educating anyone who wants a #leatherinsight

    This donation is the second in the shoe’s history as they were originally donated by a Mr William Wilson Director of Leather Com. Now on display, we hope they will continue to create interest in our industry. The Clayton Leather Group were proud to have raised over £2000 for The Leather & Hide Trades Benevolent Institution.

    As we round off this story now it does seem fitting to tell you that coincidentally we found out last week that Iain Mcfadyen’s middle name is Fleming! Who’d have guessed it!

  • Winner of the Crockett & Jones shoes signed by Daniel Craig is…

    5th February 2018

    Winner of the Crockett & Jones shoes signed by Daniel Craig is…


    Thank you for your generous donations and reshares on Facebook during our fundraising campaign. The online donations were all added to the donations taken at the evening’s event – totalling just over £2000 for The Leather And Hide Trades Benevolent Institution.

    All names from the online funding page and on all the donators on the night were placed into the draw where The Master Antony Barrow drew a winner…

    The proud new owner of a signed Daniel Craig pair of leather Crockett & Jones Alex Black shoes was……..Iain Mcfadyen from Scottish Leather Group.

    Shown here receiving the shoes by our very own Ian T. Walker, Chairman of the Clayton Leather Group.

    During the two days of promoting the funding page, we had a considerable push for donations via blogs and posts from James Bond Lifestyle. Followed up by Make it British during their Facebook Live session – we’d like to say a big thank you for your support.

  • Clayton Leather Group Announce New Director of J&E Sedgwick & Co.

    10th October 2017

    Clayton Leather Group Announce New Director of J&E Sedgwick & Co.


    Today the Clayton Leather Group announced that General Manager of J &E Sedgwick’s & Co, Walsall and Group Sales Manager, Philip Bevington, has joined the board of J&E Sedgwick & Co Ltd.

    Philip joined the Company as Group Sales Manager in February 2016 having previously held management roles in the Fashion and Food export industries. In September 2016 he added the role General Manager of J&E Sedgwick following the retirement of Managing Director Richard Farrow.

    This appointment continues to demonstrate the commitment of the company to grow its business across Europe and the rest of the world by enhancing the Management structure at the Clayton Leather Group.